Chêne de Venon Time lapse - The crescent moon meets the oak

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Chêne de Venon Time lapse
Time lapse - the crescent Moonset has "Rendez-Vous" with the oak of Venon.
Unique appointment, or maybe 2 or 3 times a year?
The ideal place is determined to a few meters for such a framing. And the ideal day is linked to the settings to capture the Earthshine Moon. Thanks to good weather to achieve this timelapse carefully prepared.
Realization of this timelapse by Nicolas Jouhet and Dominique Joubert with the following gear:
Nikon D600 - Nikkor 24-120mm / Nikon D750 - Nikkor 200-500mm 
Canon 6D - Samyang 85mm / Canon 6D - Canon 300 L + kenko 1.4
Holy grail sequences managed with dslrdashboard
Post processing with LRtimelapse