Meije Time Lapse - From Earth to Milky Way

Posted by Spidop 21/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

Meije Time Lapse - From Earth to Milky Way
The plateau of Emparis, the black lake, the Meije an ideal spot to make a successful timelapse.
We needed 2 complete nights to realize the sequences of this timelapse. A touch of clouds, not too much to let the Meije to parry beautiful colors at sunset, wait the breeze to fade so that the lake reflects stars and the Milky Way.
This timelapse was realized during the new moons of July and August, very attractive periods, it is necessary to accept some lights of the other observers, and those of the ballets of the snow groomers of the summer ski in the 2 Alps resort .
We do not dare to count the number of photos, thousands…