Mont Blanc - Milky Way Time Lapse

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Mont Blanc - Milky Way Time Lapse
Mid-June 2015, the milky way is rising over the Mont-Blanc. For months we have been waiting to make a timelapse staring the milky way above the Mont Blanc.
For such a timelapse, the perfect place is the Chéserys lake located within the “Aiguilles Rouges” facing the Mont Blanc.
After a 2 hours walk, once arrived there, when we met many other photographers we knew we were at the spot.
The atmosphere is for the suspense bound to the presence of the clouds preventing us to plan our framing.
Our optimism will be rewarded. While our DSLR already make hundreds of shots following the ballet of clouds which will introduce our timelapse, the Mont Blanc chain from the “Aiguille Verte” to the “Aiguille du Gouter” appears at the best time to be magnified with the sunset lights.
It is the new moon, allowing us despite the solstice to benefit from 3 deep night hours enhancing the milky way within our timelapse.
Here we go, the clouds began to start again their ballet. Some milky way-split clouds are perfect for the timelapse.
While the sunrise is coming, a garland of lights crosses the Mont Blanc edge. The alpinists are on the way, what a bonus for our timelapse.

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