mont aiguille

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Mont Aiguille - Milky way time lapse. 
Like a sentinel, the Mont Aiguille takes care of The Vercors. Starring the Mont Aiguille this timelapse highlights it with the milky way slowly moving over.
What a nice bivouac which such a landscape. 
Even if this time-lapse needed to manage 3 DSLR. The Milky Way was shot with 2 different techniques. 
First, one a classic timelapse with a 14mm on a Syrp Genie mini to ensure a panoramic motion.
The second one with DSLR on equatorial mounts allowing a tracking with 50mm, 85mm, and 24mm lenses. The star-adventurer mini mount allows Astro-lapse with the ability to return to the original position after each tracked shoot. Quite a nice feature allowing a longer focal length.
As usual, a milky way time-lapse requires a dark sky without any clouds... Finally, a touch of clouds improves the footages and are clearly key to enhance the sunset and the sunrise with the Mont Aiguille.
Timelapse made by Nicolas Jouhet and Dominique Joubert, with the following gear:  
 2 Canon 6D (1 modded) with 85mm F1.4 Samyang, 50mm F1.4 Sigma, 14mm F1.8 Sigma, 70-200mm Canon / Nikon D750 with 50mm F1.4 Nikon, 24mm F1.4 Samyang.
Motion with SYRP Genie Mini and Skywatcher Staradventurer Mini.
Holy grail time lapse sequences managed with dslrdashboard.
Post processing with LRtimelapse and After Effect.